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Apollon's Exquisite Coffee Powder - 'MILANO' - 250g

Apollon's Exquisite Coffee Powder - 'MILANO' - 250g

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Introducing Apollon's Exquisite Coffee Powder - a true delight for coffee connoisseurs. This artisanal roasted blend of coffee beans takes you on a journey to the picturesque landscapes of South America, where the finest beans are meticulously sourced. Each batch, affectionately named MILANO, embodies the passion and expertise of our master roasters.

Hand-roasted in a small roastery in the UK, Apollon's Exquisite Coffee Powder offers an exceptional coffee experience that is second to none. Our roasters pour their heart and soul into every batch, ensuring a meticulous process that brings out the distinct flavors and aromas of the beans.

With a taste profile that is winey, delicate, and fruity, this coffee powder transports you to a realm of refined indulgence. Each sip entices your senses with subtle notes of fruitiness, complemented by a delicate balance that lingers on your palate. It's a harmonious symphony of flavors that will awaken your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

Apollon's Exquisite Coffee Powder is the epitome of craftsmanship and quality. With a focus on sourcing the finest beans from South America, we have created a blend that showcases the unique characteristics of the region. The result is a coffee powder that exudes excellence and sophistication in every cup.

Indulge in the rich history and exquisite flavors of Apollon's Exquisite Coffee Powder. Elevate your coffee experience with this extraordinary blend, handcrafted with love and care. It's time to embark on a sensory journey that will captivate your palate and redefine your appreciation for the perfect cup of coffee.

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